Experience with repair

Roughness tester TR 100. The pick up can not stop. The spring didn´t work.

Higher power of STARMAG50

New UV lamp with power 1000uW in distance 25´´.Lighted surface approx.200mm. 

NDT us probe for measuring on Al

For NDT measuring on Aluminium we use identical probe as for steeli. Only with regards to diference between sound velocity we will not able to measure the least cataloque thickness. Diference is approx. 15%. 

New accus for STARMAG25

New type of STARMAG25 has new type of accu with full automaticaly power supply.

New UV lamp STARMAG150

 Resistant UV lamp with lighted surface max. 470 x 320(mm) in distance 25´´.

Training for devices

New, free of charge, incl. hiking, in apartment in Krkonose

US couplant

 Now SS2 with effective protection against corrosion signed SS2A. 

US couplant STARSONIC1

 Price SS1 = 0,30 EUR/1lt 

US measuring high temperatures with standard probe

 KK company offers some types of ultrasonic thickness probes which can be used with ultrasonic flaw detector for measuring "hot" pipeline. The DA590 and the HT400(A) can be used intermittently for high temperature over 500 degrees C. If you use suitable STARSONIC you will win cheap and reliable replacement of high temperature probes,   

US thickness mesuring of big areas

The EMAT probes are suitable for NDT ultrasonic measuring of big areas. EMAT Device is more cheaper as PA Device.

Wide offer of PA probes for US NDT

 We offer over 100 types of phased array probes. Linear probes with changeable wedges, area array probes, roller array probes etc. for frequency (MHz)1,5-2-2,25-2,5-3-4-5-7,5-10. The number of elements 8-64.

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